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Privacy Policy

1.  Awareness and acceptance of terms
  You are welcome to join as a member of the ttCHOICE online shopping website (, ​​hereinafter referred to as "this website"), which is owned by Leyi Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") Currently, Leli Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "operator") is entrusted to operate. This website provides you with various member services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") in accordance with the terms of service, the content of the website announcement, various usage specifications, and precautions (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Terms of Service"). In order to protect your rights, please read the following terms of service in detail before applying for registration and before using this service. When you register and log in to become a member of this website, or when you actually use this service, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of the terms of service, and fully accept the current and future derivative service items and contents of this service.
If you do not agree to the terms of service after consideration, please refrain from the registration process or stop using the service immediately. In order to maintain the security of your membership and transaction information, the company has the right to modify the terms of service at any time according to the situation or changes in laws and regulations, and it will take effect after the announcement on this website and update the membership contract of both parties at the same time. This website will not notify you separately. Pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time.
When you continue to use the service after the announcement of the revised terms of service, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept the revised terms. All the rights and obligations that you participate in or use related activities or services on this website and the rights and obligations of this website are based on the content of the last revised terms of service at that time.
If you do not agree with the content of these terms of service, or your country or region excludes all or part of these terms of service, you should stop using this service immediately.
In order to ensure the safety of children and young people using the Internet, and to avoid infringement of their privacy rights, this website is only available to individuals over the age of 20, individuals who are under the age of 20 but have the permission of a legal representative, and have legal registration Used by legal persons or groups.
If you are under the age of twenty or not fully capable of behavior, you should ask your parents or guardians and other legal representatives to read and understand the terms of service and obtain their consent before you can register as a member of this website, use or continue to use this service . When you use or continue to use this service, it is deemed that your parents or guardian and other legal representatives have read, understood and agreed to all the contents of these terms of service and subsequent revisions and changes, and such legal representatives allow you to use this service and For related legal acts.
2.  Scope of service
  The scope of services provided on this website is the website and related financial, logistics and information flow platforms and other network services, including but not limited to commodity trading, website content browsing, and the use of email , Physical mail or other methods to provide product marketing information and other services. This website may, depending on business needs and actual circumstances, increase or decrease, change or terminate related service content, and there is no need to notify members individually. The product name, price, content, specification, model and other related information displayed on the product transaction page of this website are part of the contract.
3.  Link to external websites
This website provides the service of a commodity search engine to facilitate you to quickly obtain the search results of commodity comparisons. You may therefore link to a website operated by another industry (hereinafter referred to as an external website), but this does not mean that this website has any cooperative relationship with the external website. This website will not guarantee or assume legal responsibility for any external website. All trademark rights or other rights on this external website still belong to the relevant right holders, and this website has not obtained the rights or authorized you to use it. This website does not guarantee the suitability, reliability, immediacy, validity, correctness and completeness of the search results.
4.  Member obligations
In order to use this service, you agree to the following:
(1) Before you use this service, you must register as a member of this website and provide correct and complete personal information in accordance with the items prompted by the service registration procedure. If your personal information changes, please log in to this website at any time to complete online information updates to protect your rights. If your personal information is duplicated, deliberately used the name of another person, violates public order and good customs, or may infringe on the name, company name, trademark, or other intellectual property rights of others, or may cause misunderstanding by others, may violate laws and regulations, or damage this If the purpose of the website’s service or there is any risk of misleading, this website may refuse your registration, suspend or cancel your membership, or request its change afterwards, and refuse to use this service. You shall bear all civil criminal liabilities and losses. If this website is damaged, you shall be liable for damages.
(2) If the personal information provided by you is incorrect, missing, or incorrect, which results in not being eligible for the lottery, or being unable to contact in a correct and timely manner, you will not be able to receive awards or enjoy discounts in accordance with the preferential conditions or activities contained in the relevant announcements, please Be sure to know, and please forgive me.
(3) You agree that this website may add, modify or terminate related activities in accordance with actual implementation conditions, and choose the most appropriate method to inform members.
5.  Privacy protection
  This website takes the security of your personal information very seriously. This website will handle related matters in accordance with the "Privacy Protection Policy and Personal Information Collection Notice", the Personal Data Protection Act and relevant laws and regulations, regarding the collection and collection of your registered or retained personal data and other specific information (such as transaction data). The processing and use of this website absolutely respects and protects your personal data. Please read the "Privacy Protection Policy and Personal Information Collection Notice" on this website before registering and using this service. If you do not agree to the "Privacy Protection Policy and Personal Information Collection Notice" after consideration, please do not proceed with the registration process or stop using this service immediately.
You agree to authorize this website to provide necessary member information to partners for use within the agreed scope for the purpose of providing this service. Some specific services in this service are provided jointly with other cooperative vendors. If you do not want to disclose your personal information to other cooperative vendors, you can choose not to use these specific services, but when you start using these specific services, we will treat them as You have agreed that we will disclose your personal information to the partner or partner of the specific service and handle matters related to the specific service.
If your personal information is stolen, leaked, altered, or otherwise violated on this website, the company will investigate, understand and clarify the relevant case and other investigation procedures will come to an end, and we will notify you in the most appropriate way. To protect your personal data. However, you know and understand that the previous measures taken by the company do not mean that the company has violated the law, nor does it represent an express or implied guarantee or liability for the leakage of your personal data.
6.  Member account, password and security
(1) After completing the registration procedure for this service, you will receive a set of account numbers and passwords. You are obliged to ensure the confidentiality and security of your account and password, and not to disclose it to any third party. You shall be fully responsible for all actions performed using the account and password. You agree to abide by the following: This group of account numbers and passwords are for your personal use only, and you may not rent, lend, transfer or transfer to other third parties.
(2) If you disclose your personal information, member password or payment information, and give a third person the opportunity to use it, you must take full responsibility for the third person's behavior.
(3) Use your account or password to enter this website or use this service for all activities, including but not limited to querying, searching, reading, changing personal information, participating in various activities and obtaining relevant consumer information, purchasing goods or services, and other Similar behaviors involving the personal rights and interests of users are regarded as your own behavior.
(4) When your account or password is stolen or any other security issues occur, you must notify this website immediately. The company and the operator will immediately suspend the processing and subsequent use of transactions generated by the account, and take relevant measures. However, the measures taken by the company shall not be interpreted as the company’s express or implied guarantee or liability for compensation.
(5) Every time you finish using this service, please log out of this website's member account to prevent others from embezzling.
(6) You must not disclose your account or password to anyone, and you must not use someone else's account or password to log in to this website. If you violate these terms of service and cause damage, the company and the operator shall not be liable for any compensation.
7.  Members' Obligations to Observe the Law
  You agree and warrant that you will never use this service for any illegal purpose or in any illegal way, and agree to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and all international practices for using the Internet. If you are a user outside the Republic of China, you should abide by the laws and regulations of your country or region. If you use this service to infringe the rights of others or engage in any illegal or criminal activities, this website may not only seek compensation from you in accordance with the law, but also revoke your membership and permanently prohibit you from using this service.
You agree and warrant that you will not use this service to engage in acts that infringe on the rights of others or violate the law, including but not limited to:
(1) Publish or transmit any defamatory, insulting, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, violation of public order or good customs or other illegal text, pictures or any form of files.
(2) Infringe on the reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, other intellectual property rights and other rights of others.
(3) Violation of confidentiality obligations under the law or contract.
(4) Use this service in the name of another person.
(5) Transmit or spread computer viruses.
(6) Engaging in illegal transactions or posting false or untrue or criminal information.
(7) Selling guns, drugs, prohibited drugs, pirated software or other prohibited items.
(8) Provide gambling information or induce others to participate in gambling in any way.
(9) Spamming advertising emails, sending lucky chain letters, junk emails or other purposeless emails.
(10) Send any emails that violate the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China on the export of technical data.
(11) Publish, transmit, send or store any defamatory, fraudulent, hurtful, obscene, pornographic, gambling, or any other mail, file or information that violates laws and regulations.
(12) Publish, transmit, send or store any information that infringes on the intellectual property rights or other rights of others.
(13) Collect others' email addresses and other personal data without consent.
(14) Extract or use all or part of any database content in this service without permission.
(15) Publish, transmit, send, store viruses, or any other programs or messages that can damage or interfere with computer systems or data.
(16) Acts that disrupt or interfere with the operation of the system of this service or violate general network etiquette.
(17) Unauthorized access to the service system or network related to the system, or fraudulent use of other people's accounts or forged sender identification data to send mail, in an attempt to mislead the recipient's judgment.
(18) Any behavior that hinders or interferes with other users' use of this service.
(19) Any act of stealing member accounts, passwords or access rights of this service through illegal channels.
(20) Other behaviors that do not meet the purpose of use provided by this service.
(21) Acts deemed inappropriate by this website.
(22) Without the authorization of this website, privately quote product pictures and content to engage in profit-making activities.
8.  Representation of electronic files
Electronic documents between this website and you regarding this service can be used as a means of representation. This website notifies the service-related information, which will be delivered by the email you registered and saved on this website. If your email is changed, you should log in to this website to update it immediately to maintain the correctness, immediacy and integrity of your email and other personal information. If the message sent by this website is unacceptable due to the error, expiration or other non-attributable e-mail messages you have left on this website, it is still deemed that this website has completed the delivery of the notice.
9.  Service exception and disclaimer
This website ensures that the computer system that trades with you has the security that can be reasonably expected at present. However, in the following situations, this website has the right to suspend, interrupt or refuse to provide all or part of this service without prior notice to you. The company and the operator have any direct or Indirect damages are not liable for any compensation or compensation:
(1) When moving, replacing, upgrading, maintaining or repairing software and hardware equipment related to this service.
(2) The user has any violation of government laws or these terms of service.
(3) The service is stopped or interrupted due to natural disasters or other force majeure factors.
(4) Other reasons not attributable to this website cause this service to be stopped or interrupted.
(5) The information on this service is incorrectly displayed, or is falsified, altered, deleted or retrieved, or the system is interrupted or cannot operate normally due to reasons not controlled by this website.
(6) The company believes that it is necessary to stop or interrupt this website and this service in other situations.
When the company's foreseeable hardware and software maintenance plan may cause the system to be interrupted or suspended on this website, it will make an announcement on this website in an appropriate manner as much as possible before the occurrence of the situation.
This website is provided for your use only in accordance with the existing projects, functions and status quo at the time the service is provided. The company and the operator shall not be liable for any guarantee, guarantee or damages.
10.  Download external website software or data
This website does not assume any guarantee responsibility for the software, pictures or data that you download by yourself via this website linking to an external website. You should consider and judge the legality, validity, correctness, completeness and infringement of the rights of others before downloading, so as to avoid losses (for example, damage to your computer system or loss of stored data, etc.) ); This website shall not be liable for any compensation for all direct or indirect losses suffered by you.
11.  Description of cross-industry cooperation
  This website is not responsible for any guarantee for the information or suggestions you obtain from using this service or through external websites linked to this website. Before you make any relevant plans and decisions, you should still consult professionals to provide opinions on your situation to meet your individual needs.
From time to time, this website will cooperate with other platforms, other companies, manufacturers and other third parties ("content providers"). The content providers will provide news, information, e-news and other different contents for publication on this website. Based on respect for the creation of content providers and their intellectual property rights, this website will not conduct substantive review or modification of the provided content, and shall not bear any legal responsibility for the correctness of the content. If you believe that some content involves infringement or hypocrisy, please directly respond to the content provider.
12.  Sale or transaction behavior on external websites
Manufacturers or individuals may provide commodity trading, services or other transactions through external websites linked to this website. If you therefore trade with the manufacturer or individual, the sale or other contract only exists between you and the manufacturer or individual, and is not within the scope of this service and has nothing to do with this website. You must not request any rights from this website . This website declares that it will never intervene in any transactions, services or other transactions between you and manufacturers or individuals, and it does not assume any guarantee responsibility for the goods, services or other transaction objects you obtain.
13.  Disclaimer
  You clearly understand and agree that the services provided on this website are only available in accordance with the current functions and current conditions of the services. For the user’s special requirements or needs, this website does not assume any express or implied form or content guarantee or guarantee responsibility, including but not limited to speed, safety, reliability, completeness, correctness and uninterrupted Line and error, commercial applicability, applicability for specific purposes, and non-infringement of the rights of others. This website does not guarantee the following:
(1) This service will meet your needs.
(2) This service is free from interference, timely provision, safe and reliable, or free from error.
(3) The results obtained from the use of this service are correct or reliable.
(4) Any mail, file or data is reliable and correct during the transmission process.
(5) The security, reliability, completeness, correctness, and non-disconnection and error-freeness of stored or transmitted mail, files or data.
(6) Any products, services, information or other materials that you purchase or obtain through this service will meet your expectations.
Whether to download or obtain any information through the use of this service should be considered by you and at your own risk. Any damage to your computer system or loss of data caused by the download of any information previously opened, you should take full responsibility for yourself, and this website is not involved.
The advice and information you obtain from this website or through this service, whether written or oral, does not constitute a guarantee of this service.
Except for the intentional or gross negligence of this website, this website is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this service.
14.  Use member content
  (1) You understand and agree that the information, data, text, software, music, audio, photos, graphics, videos, information or other data (hereinafter referred to as "member content") posted or privately transmitted by the member shall be controlled by the "member The content provider is solely responsible. This website cannot control the "Member Content" posted through this service, and this website does not guarantee its correctness, completeness or quality.
(2) You understand and agree that when you use this service, you may be exposed to unpleasant, inappropriate, and disgusting "member content". However, this website is not responsible for any "member content" under any circumstances. Including but not limited to any errors, omissions, and any loss or damage derived from posting, emailing or transmission via this service.
(3) This website will not review the "Member Content" in advance, but this website may reject or remove any "Member Content" provided through this service. This website and its designated persons have the right to remove any "member content" that violates these terms of service. You understand and agree that when using the "Member Content", you must evaluate the correctness, completeness or practicality by yourself and bear all risks (including the aforementioned risk of rejection or removal and the subsequent use contained in these terms of service).
(4) You understand and agree that any commercial activity without prior authorization is prohibited.
(5) You understand and agree that once you upload, transmit, enter or provide any information to this website, you are deemed to agree to unconditionally authorize this website to use, modify, reproduce, broadcast, or modify for public or private purposes. , Distribute, issue, publicly publish such information, and you may delegate the aforementioned rights to others, you have no objection to this. You guarantee that this website will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party when using, modifying, reproducing, publicly broadcasting, modifying, distributing, issuing, publicly publishing, or sub-licensing such information, if this website or a third party In the event of damage, you shall be liable for damages to this website or a third party, including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees.
(6) You understand and agree that if any text, graphics, pictures or other works or materials have rights ownership or other legality disputes, this website does not need to notify members, and you may stop providing it, or delete it directly, or notify the member to stop use
(7) You understand and agree that this website may save or expose "membership content" to government agencies, judicial police, or legal representatives or guardians of minors in accordance with the law or within the scope of reasonable necessity for the following purposes:
a. Based on statutory requirements, or required by judicial authorities and other competent authorities based on legal procedures.
b. Your member information has been fraudulently used by others, and it is to prevent major harm to the rights of members.
c. Implement these terms of service.
d. Responding to third party infringement claims.
e. Protect the rights, property or personal safety of this website, members and the public.
15.  Protection of intellectual property rights
  You understand and agree to the software or programs used in this service, the software or programs used in this website, all content on the website, including but not limited to all kinds of works, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, and arrangement of website screens , Web design, etc., the company or other right holders legally own their intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and know-how. No one may use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, modify, distribute, distribute, publicly publish, perform restoration engineering, decompilation or reverse assembly without authorization. If you want to quote or reprint the aforementioned software, programs or website content, you must obtain the prior written consent of this website or other rights holders in accordance with the law
Unless authorized by this website or other right holders, you may not use these various works, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, website screen arrangement, web design text and other materials for sale, transfer, lease, lending, sublicense , A gift with the book or any other form of commercial use, upload on any other website, provide for other people to use in other ways, use for pornography, insult, defamation, illegal transactions, other acts that do not comply with other laws and regulations, or Modification or editing for the above purpose of use.
Respect for the intellectual property rights of others is your obligation. In case of violation, you shall bear legal responsibility in accordance with the law, and shall be liable for damages to this website, including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees. This website may revoke your membership And permanently prohibit you from using this service.
16.  Reject, suspend or terminate the use of members
  You understand and agree that the company may, based on its own considerations, for any reason, including but not limited to providing incorrect or false information for member login, stealing credit cards without the cardholder’s permission, and failing to arrive within the notice period without any reason The designated store picks up more than the rate set by this website, continuously claims to the customer service department of this website for issues that are not related to services and items, other violations of the terms of service, violation of the purpose of this website and the spirit of member service, and violation of the principle of good faith Time, lack of use or this website believes that you have violated the express provisions and spirit of these terms of service, the company may suspend, terminate or refuse to provide members and all other services, and delete or terminate your account and password. You agree and promise that, for any reason, when the company terminates your membership service in accordance with these terms of service, you do not need your consent, and the company and the operator will not be liable for any compensation or compensation to you or any third party.
17.  Newsletter and EDM
You agree that this website, cooperative manufacturers or strategic partners may occasionally send newsletters or product messages (EDM) to the e-mail address registered by the member. When you refuse to accept marketing after receiving the message, please apply to the customer service center of this website, and this website will stop sending marketing messages.
18.  Transaction confirmation and protection
  (1) You must complete the online ordering process in accordance with the confirmation of the quantity and price mechanism provided by this service. This website will send you a notice by email or other means. The notice is only that this website has received your order The message does not mean that the transaction has been completed or the contract has been established. This website reserves the right to final review, whether to accept orders and deliver goods. For the content of your order on this website, the order is accepted except within two working days after the order is placed for rejection or other statutory reasons. However, if you have paid, unless otherwise provided by law, the transaction is deemed to have been established. However, in any case, if the marked price of the product is lower than the market price or is obviously misplanted, it is deemed that the system of this website is under maintenance. Please confirm with the customer service center before restarting Place an order.
(2) When necessary, this website may set the upper limit of the quantity per order of individual members for specific products. When you exceed the upper limit set by this website to place an order, this website will only ship according to the upper limit.
(3) Once you use this service and complete the ordering process, it means that you have made an offer and are willing to order the goods in accordance with the terms of this agreement and the trading conditions or restrictions set out on the relevant webpage. If your saved information (such as address, telephone) is changed, you should immediately log in to this website to modify the saved information, and you must not deny the order or refuse payment on the basis of personal information inconsistency.
(4) This website confirms that the transaction conditions are correct, the payment is completed and there is still stock. This website will directly notify the manufacturer to ship without notice, but you can check the shipping status on this website.
19.  Commodity delivery place and delivery method
  This website will provide you with the place and method of delivery of the ordered goods for you to choose, and deliver it according to your choice.
If you choose to deliver the ordered merchandise and pay the price by means of superstore pickup, but you fail to pick up the goods at your designated store within the notification period for no reason, this website may suspend your right to continue to choose this method of pickup or payment.
If you choose to order goods and pay the price by home delivery, but refuse to pay the price without reason, this website may suspend your right to continue to choose this method to pick up or pay.
20.  Payment method description
  This website provides payment method descriptions in the member service area, please refer to it. You know and understand that when you use this website to provide credit card installment payment as a payment method, you will establish a separate debt and debt relationship with the issuing bank of the credit card, and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the issuing bank, you may be required to pay relevant interest or handling fees To the issuing bank, please read the relevant regulations of the issuing bank carefully before selecting this payment method.
21  Freight
  On this website, the member service area and the product page all stipulate the pricing and payment method of the shipping cost of the goods.
22.  Right to return and terminate the contract
  You can exercise related rights in accordance with Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law, except for the following products:
(1) Commodities stored in the form of digital or electromagnetic records, including but not limited to computer programs, digital music files, audio tapes, video tapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, etc.
(2) Commodities that are prone to deterioration or damage in nature, and commodities that cannot or are not suitable for return in nature, including but not limited to flowers, food, personal hygiene products, etc.
(3) Commodities ordered, adjusted or delivered in accordance with the specifications, needs or time you require or indicate.
(4) Sealed products.
(5) Newspapers, magazines, periodicals, or other regularly issued commodities.
(6) Commodities that have expired or have deteriorated or damaged when the goods are retrieved in accordance with the usual shipping conditions.
The goods you return must maintain the integrity of all goods, gifts, accessories, packaging, and all accompanying documents or materials. If there is a physical invoice, it should be returned together with the invoice. Otherwise, this website will refuse to accept your Refund requirements for returns.
23.  Basis of liability:
  When you use this service, the basis for the determination of relevant facts should be based on the information recorded in the database of this website and the evidence you cited. In the event of any dispute, both parties will submit their stored electronic data records or evidence materials to the court or a fair third party for determination with the utmost sincerity.
24.  Damages
  If you violate these terms of service or relevant laws and regulations, and cause damages or expenses (including but not limited to freight, processing fees, litigation fees and attorney fees) to the company, operators and related fulfillment assistants, you shall bear All liability.
25.  Transfer of member information and transaction records of this website
  You understand and agree that this website is owned by the company, and the operator is currently entrusted to operate it. In the future, if the ownership of this website is transferred or the operator is changed, in order to allow you to continue to use the services of this website, the company and the operator may transfer your membership information and transaction records to the owner and operator after the subsequent change . You also agree that the transfer of member information and transaction records is within the scope of your specific purpose for providing such personal information. At that time, the company will no longer need to obtain your written consent.
26.  An invalid effect
  Any agreement in these terms of service is declared invalid by the competent court or administrative agency, except for the invalid agreement, other parts of the terms of service are still valid.
27.  Interpretation of terms
  The interpretation and application of these terms of service should be an explanation that is beneficial to you.
28.  Governing law and competent court
  If any dispute arises, please report your opinions to the customer service center of this website. Both the company and you shall negotiate and resolve with the principle of utmost good faith and good faith. If litigation is required, both parties shall comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law or the Civil Procedure Law for small claims Choose outside the jurisdiction court, and the Taipei District Court of Taiwan as the first instance jurisdiction court. The interpretation and unexplained matters of these terms of service shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China.